Friday, 20 August 2010

wordle and Finale

  Well I did try to save and post my wordle screen shot but unfortunately this was the result.  I am still having problems with my computer which was upgraded on Wednesday afternoon.  I do hope I find the picture again; and everything else.

Final thoughts.
I have reached the end of 23 things, hurray, and now it is time to comment.
I found Google calendar and doodle the most useful tools in that they are the ones I think I could apply in my library.  I disliked Delicious, blogging, twitter and LinkedIn, but can see their merits.  As for persisting with any, I have not really had the time.  I would like to explore some of the Things covered as I think they have potential for future library use; and may look at a couple for personal use.  I do not know what the policy of the College is with regard to social media and this would have to be investigated before anything could be started.
social media is affecting library services whether we like it or not and it cannot be ignored.  It is a way of interacting with our users and collaborating with our colleagues.  It offers a way to reach our increasingly distant users.  However selecting the method best suited to both library and users is a nearly impossible task.  It requires time, dedication and enthusiasm to make it work and to be effective.  I still think conversations and a good web page are the best way to communicate with our users, but even in Cambridge they are becoming more distant, hence an interest in social media as a means of keeping in contact with them.
My knowledge of social networking was practically non-existant and 23 Things offered me the opportunity to rectify this.  Participating in the programme forced  me to try things I had heard of, and not heard of.  Assistance can via links, readings and instructions, but above all friendly, helpful people who were  there to support me and evyone else.  My grateful thanks to all the 23 Things Cambridge team for devising the programme which has finally forced me to do something about social networking; to Suzan for starting me off and keeping me going and Lyn for the tips.  It has been a hard few weeks, but an enjoyable and social one as well.  Thank you to all involved and to all the other participants.



  1. Congratulations on finishing - time to celebrate,


  2. well done, have a well deserved rest now

  3. Congratulations - I knew you could do it :)

  4. Congratulations on winning the award at the Red Carpet Ceremony! So sorry you weren't there. But well done on your shiny, new, all-bling, golden "Oscar"!!!