Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Yes, even I had heard of and used Wikipedia as a quick reference tool and managed to successfully side track myself on occasion.  I have also read some of the literature with regard to accuracy and amendments and so know to check if I require particular information like a date or a location. 
Wikis provide a method of collaboration.  a way to share information, documents and, as the video showed us, what needs to be done and who is doing what or what is finished.  I think there is potential for libraries and quite a number use them.  Most seem to be large libraries and the information they provide varies.  Most seem to think it is a good way to keep an up-to-date staff manual, others are more adventuresome. My concern is that anyone can edit the documents and this could lead to abuse by users.  I think what we use Wikis for needs careful thought, but it is another way of communicating with our users.
Yet again I think this is not for us.  Large and split site organisations could well benefit.  I was interested that TeachMeet had a Wiki for signing up to attend.  I did not realise this when I was looking at it and it shows another use.

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  1. You've put up some interesting posts Ms Tales, and I especially thought your comments about marketing were spot on.
    It looks like you are very near the end of the 23 Things, but there are a few I think you missed posting about, could you check before you complete? Thanks.