Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Power point

University of Cambrigde Information use on the move
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Comment: Has anyone spotted the deliberate error in the title.

Sunset over the water

A picture from Flickr from near to where I was staying last week.  A very beautiful area, with water, mountains and the flat.  The ferry trips were really good.

Thing 2 revisited

Getting there slowly

Thing 7
Have just completed my Twitter account.  I sent my first tweet but forgot the #23 Things.  But am following a couple of people.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Thing 4

I thought this was a calming picture.  I don't know how I actually managed to display it, but I think it is more enjoyable and interesting than my igoole page.

Things 1 and 2 have been a steep learning curve.  I did not think I would ever do any of the things we have done.  I can see where my time will be going as the programme progresses and if I survive to tell the tale.  Things 23 is doing what I hoped it would do, introduce me to things I had heard of, and some I had not, and giving me the opportunity to explore them.

Thing 3

This is my first blog. I have no experience of web based activites and am hoping to expand my knowledge by the end of the course, if I survive that long.