Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Podcasting and YouTube

People have been using Podcasts to catch up on radio programmes they have missed for several years now and it has become an accepted piece of technology rather like the video recorder for television.  Increasing lectures and seminars are being posted, so if you have a clash or cannot get to it you can hear it.  It is a popular form of communicating with a scattered membership.
film has for many years been used as an educational tool as seen by the 'Dig for Victory' and road safety films.  They reach a large audience communicating a message in a way people understand and usually with some humour.  to work well they must look professional, be well planned, well produced and convey the information without alienating the viewer.  I can see they have potential in large libraries or in libraries which are unstaffed for most of their opening hours.  We can reach all of our readers and inform them of new services and how to use current services without having to be there.  On the downside badly produced film will not enhance our image or convey the message we hope to convey, what ever it may be.  It is free on the net, but what about the time it takes to plan and produce the film?  They require a certain amout of creativity and not all of us have this.  Of course systems change, so our film becomes obsolete and a new one has to be produced.  Yes I can see the potential but I think it is something that requires careful consideration before embarking on anything.  One of the strengths of a small library is its personalised service.  Face to face encounters give a valuable exchange of information which I would not like to lose.
I did watch the videos suggested and could see what they were trying to achieve and how successful they were with me.  Video, like books, can be quite personal.
I will not be producing a video for this library.  I am looking forward to seeing the Cambridge induction video.  If successful perhaps other areas could be considered.

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