Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Google docs

I did not create a new document, due to lack of time, but used a document I had already created for another purpose.  I sent it to be amended and it all worked well.  However I did wonder if it was as good and as easy to use as the demonstration led me to believe.  I only did a small uncomplicated document, but something more complicated may poise problems. 
I can see how useful Google docs could be in a split site library or in a large library where numbers of documents are shared or sent for comment.  Also for those producing articles and documents when those involved are geographically a long distance apart.  It could, as Google tells us, save a lot of time and worry.  I suspect it could also create worry and take longer.
In this small library I cannot see myself using Google docs.  We can easily talk to each other and send items to be amended by email attachment.  Also there is not really much use for them, except at certain times of the year, like amending the library guide.  I can see a potential within the Cambridge libraries.  With increase co-operation and collaboration Google docs could be quite useful.  But I do wonder it is as easy and simple to use as is made out.  Also, it is another thing to find on an increasingly full web pages.

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  1. I have run into problems with google docs, it seems to change the formatting