Monday, 15 August 2011

Things 3 to 9

Once again I have fallen behind.  I was doing quite well until week 6, but I did forget to blog.

 Week 2 Twitter Extra thing Twitter extended
Twitter was not one of my favourite things.  I decided I did not want to resurruect my account, so I did not do the extra thing.  However I thought it had some useful looking applications and can see a use for them in a library setting, especially as more and more information can be given via Twitter.  The recording of information and the ability of sending tweets at a different time to composing,  plus mobile usage  I am sure some libraries are already making use of these.

Things 5 and 6 .
Lightshot looked really useful, so I tried downloading it only to discover the virus checker on my computer would not let me.  I thought we might be able to add illustrations to the library guide.  I'll make a note to try again later.
Extra Thing - Screen casting
Screen casting which I did not try, sounded very useful for catching those people who don't come to library inductions.  The other area where it has potential is demonstrating how to use equipment.  Very useful when the library is open, but unstaffed.
Things 7 and 8.
I looked at doodle and Google calendar last year and thought them useful.  I noticed during the past year use of Doodle has increased.  A plus for  Cam 23 Things.
Extra Thing Using the library widget.
I was very pleased with myself.  I managed to load the library widget onto my igoole page, only to discover I had loaded the test widet.  A useful tool, so I must try again once Cam 23.2.0 is complete
Thing 9  Google docs
Once again I did this last time, and thought it a useful tool.


  1. I recently redid our guide to using the catalogue and used Lightshot *such* a lot! Great timing for me learning that one!

  2. Glad you are carching up. I found the various things very useful for my FOCAL campaigning Friends of Comberton Area Library. It is keeping me out of mischief